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Breast Enlargement Surgery
The breast enhancement process can take several weeks from the initial consultation through post-surgical recovery, and involves close communication and cooperation between patient and surgeon. Before breast implants are placed, many decisions must be made, including the type and size of the breast implant, where it will be placed, and the location of the incision. The patient will also be asked to follow some specific instructions from the doctor during the weeks preceding the operation.

During breast enlargement surgery, the surgeon will place the breast implants according to the decisions made during the planning stages. This process usually takes between one and two hours. After breast augmentation surgery, the patient will most likely be drowsy and sore for a day or two.

Although the patient should be able to get up and move around after about 48 hours, there may be some lingering side effects for a couple weeks to a month. The patient should follow the surgeon’s instructions closely during this healing period and have a friend or relative agree to drive them home and provide assistance for a couple of days.\

Breast Augmentation Cost and Financing
Augmentation mammoplasty is an elective cosmetic surgery and as such, these procedures are not covered by insurance plans. For most, the cost of breast enhancement surgery is an important consideration. Since breast implant prices and surgeons' fees alone are expensive and do not make up the entirety of the cost, some may be tempted to go to a surgeon who offers discounts or low prices. This is usually a mistake. A surgeon who offers discounts is usually one who either lacks experience or has a less than satisfactory record of results. Breast augmentation financing is available to help women pay for the cost of surgery so they don't have to settle for an inexperienced surgeon and risk their health or the quality of their results.
Choosing a Breast Enlargement Surgeon
When considering any type of breast surgery, your choice of surgeon is very important. To ensure that you receive quality care, you should select an experienced breast doctor. Board certified breast surgeons who have extensive experience will possess not only the knowledge, but also the well-honed skills, to give you the results you desire. They will also be more prepared for possible breast augmentation risks and complications from breast implants. Additionally, experienced breast implant doctors have had the chance to perfect the techniques they use during breast surgery.

Post breast implant surgery
The post operative period following breast implant surgery is generally pleasant and well tolerated. Minor discomfort, feeling of stretch, swelling and bruising can be expected. Most patients are able to start normal daily activities starting the next day and return to office work in 2-3 days time. Decreased sensation over the breast can occur and usually recovers in a couple of weeks.

For most of our patients, getting back to work early is a priority. Thanks to an innovative post operative regimen designed by Dr. Thomas, return to work the very next day is possible now. A special set of exercises instituted on the first post operative day helps to reduce the discomfort and tight feeling after surgery. Fifth generation silicon gel implants are preferred for augmentation as their feel is closest to being natural.