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Breast Cancer Surgery
he breast cancer spreads due to an abnormal development of cells which later leads to the growth of tumour and a tumour in the breast in its malignant form is called breast cancer.  The breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer diagnosed in the women in the modern times.  Round the world according to the statistics breast cancer is the second most death causing disease and its risk factor increases with the increasing age.  The cancer in breast forms in tissues of the breast, usually in the ducts and lobules and can occur in both men and women.
Causes of Breast Cancer :

The cancer in the breast does not mean a specific category of disease rather it is the different types of cancer found in the breast is known as breast cancer. Some of the main causes associated with breast cancer are :

  • The chances of developing breast cancer depend upon age, with the increasing age the risk also rises.
  • Family history of diagnosis of the disease increases the risk in the off springs.
  • Early onset of menses and menopause can also be associated with the disease.
  • Exposure to radioactive rays increases the chances of developing the disease and the exposure to harmful chemicals can also increase the risk of the disease.
  • Other causes may include exposure to harmful chemicals and late child bearing as well.
Types of Breast Cancer

There are mainly two types of breast cancer which are as follows :

  • Ductal carcinoma is most common form of cancer which shapes up in the tubes which move milk from the breast to the nipples.
  • Lobular carcinoma is the kind of cancer which shapes up in the lobules part of breast which produces milk.
Treatment of Breast Cancer :

The treatment of breast cancer depends upon various factors such as type and stage of the cancer, on the fact whether the cancer is sensitive to certain hormones and whether or not the cancer reproduces a gene called HER2/neu.

  • The treatment of breast cancer includes certain steps such as first Chemotherapy medicines in order to kill cancer cells.
  • Thereafter radiation therapy is used to destroy the cancerous tissues.
  • The final step is surgery which involves removal of cancerous tissues- a surgery of lumpectomy removes the breast lump and the surgery of mastectomy removes all or the specific part of the breast.